Excellent I had my first full body scan with Ashley. She made the whole experience very pleasant and comfortable. I am very excited to know what is going on inside my body without all the BS the doctors put you through. Customer since October 2014

Cynthia N
Oct 22, 2014

Excellent Ashley just completed full body scans of me and both my young daughters. She was professional, caring and thoughtful. I am so glad that we have this diagnostic tool. Thank you Ashley! Customer since October 2014

Lisa S
Oct 18, 2014

Great experience! I love the idea of a non-invasive way to determine what is going on in my body. It was quick, easy, and affordable. I recommend this for anyone who wants a natural way to detect any problems in their body without having any radiation or other invasive procedures. My technician, Ashley, was also very informative and pleasant throughout the entire experience. Thank you! Customer since August 2014

Allison M
Aug 30, 2014

Spectacular Technology! So many body checks in one scan! Amazing how I could finally show my DR. the exact areas of where my pain is located, so nice to have a 95% accurate results, more than mamo’s, no radiation and painless breast exam. I feel so much more in tuned with what is going on inside my body now with just one scan. Very happy! Customer since January 2014

Kathy S
Aug 2, 2014

amazing I had a wonderful experience and learned an incredible amount of life saving information. Thank you Customer since July 2014

Kevin D
Jul 29, 2014