Cranial Thermography

$249.00 30 minutes

A cranial thermography scan involves using infrared technology to measure and visualize the temperature distribution on the surface of the head, neck, jaw, thyroid and surrounding areas.

Book Your Full Body or Breast Thermography Scan at one of the Following
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1. Body & Soul Wellness Retreat:
953 N University Dr.
Coral Springs, FL
January 17 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
Febuary 21 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
March 21 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
April 18 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
May 23 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
June 20 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
July 18 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
August 22 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
September 19 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
October 17 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
November 21 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
December 19 Time: 10:00-4pm EST

2. Brandwein Institute for Nutrition & Wellness: 8624 Griffin Rd,
Cooper City, FL
January 14th Time: 10:00-4pm EST

3. The Lotus Center of Oriental Medicine: 6501 N Federal Hwy #3
Boca Raton, FL
Every First Thursday and third Thursday of the month. Time: 10:00-4pm EST

4. Reclaim Wellness- Boynton Beach:
January 24th Time: 10:00-4pm EST
April 25th Time: 10:00-4pm EST
July 24th Time: 10:00-4pm EST
October 24th Time: 10:00-4pm EST

5. Evolve Acupuncture & Wellness- Delray:
January 3 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
March 7 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
May 2 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
July 11 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
September 12 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
November 7 Time: 10:00-4pm EST

6. Infinite Impact Health : 9874 Yamato Road Ste 122
Boca Raton Fl, 33434
Every Third Wednesday of the month. Time: 09:30-12:30pm EST

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This technique captures thermal image that can reveal patterns of heat emission from these underlying tissues.

What a cranial scan is used for:

  • Neurological Disorders: Conditions such as migraines, stroke, or traumatic brain injury may show distinctive thermal patterns.
  • Vascular Conditions: Issues like carotid artery stenosis or other blood flow abnormalities can be detected through temperature variations.
  • Inflammatory Conditions: Infections or inflammatory processes within the cranial region can alter local temperature, detectable by thermography. This includes the thyroid region.
  • Cancer Detection: Certain types of head and neck cancers may present with thermal abnormalities.
  • Dental Conditions: Certain dental issues, including TMJ and other jaw related issues will be detectable through temperature changes.
Overall, cranial thermography provides a valuable, non-invasive tool for the detection and monitoring of various medical conditions affecting the head, offering a unique perspective on the body’s thermal state that can aid in comprehensive patient care.

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