Breast Thermography

$249.00 30 minutes

Breast thermography is a non-invasive imaging technique used to detect and monitor changes in breast tissue temperature.

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2. Brandwein Institute for Nutrition & Wellness: 8624 Griffin Rd,
Cooper City, FL
January 14th Time: 10:00-4pm EST

3. The Lotus Center of Oriental Medicine: 6501 N Federal Hwy #3
Boca Raton, FL
Every First Thursday and third Thursday of the month. Time: 10:00-4pm EST

4. Reclaim Wellness- Boynton Beach:
January 24th Time: 10:00-4pm EST
April 25th Time: 10:00-4pm EST
July 24th Time: 10:00-4pm EST
October 24th Time: 10:00-4pm EST

5. Evolve Acupuncture & Wellness- Delray:
January 3 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
March 7 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
May 2 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
July 11 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
September 12 Time: 10:00-4pm EST
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6. Infinite Impact Health : 9874 Yamato Road Ste 122
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Every Third Wednesday of the month. Time: 09:30-12:30pm EST

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As you can see in the picture above, the patient was being monitored, and you can see the physiological changes occurring in real time. It works by measuring the heat patterns emitted by the body, which can indicate abnormalities such as inflammation or increased blood flow associated with certain breast conditions.

When your results are being interpreted, the doctor is looking at the heat patterns, vascular patterns, and physiological changes occurring in different parts of the breast. He then gives you a thermal heat rating based on your risk for developing breast cancer. The doctor also interprets your estrogen level in the breast, and gives you a risk rating based on the hormonal changes he sees in the blood flow. While it can’t directly detect estrogen levels, it can indirectly provide information about hormonal activity in the breast tissue.

For example, estrogen can promote the growth of blood vessels (angiogenesis) and increase metabolic activity in breast tissue. This can result in increased blood flow and temperature in areas where estrogenic activity is higher. Having this information provides valuable insight into your risk for developing breast cancer, and preventing disease. When you monitor the physiological changes occurring in your body, you have the ability to save your life, or prevent disease from developing in the first place.

Why Receive a Breast Thermography Scan?

Breast Thermography is a risk assessment test, where you can find out your risk for developing breast cancer, years before it would show up on an anatomical test. With thermography, the doctor is looking for abnormal heat patterns present, as well as looking at the physiological patterns of the breast.

Should you get a Thermography if you get a Mammogram?

Absolutely! Thermography is an adjunct screening to a mammogram. These are two different types of tests. Thermography has no radiation, while a mammogram does. Thermography is looking for heat patterns, and the bodies physiology while a mammogram is looking for a lump. A thermography can show your risk for developing breast cancer, before it would show up on a mammogram A mammogram is showing something once it is already there. With Thermography, you can monitor yourself, and the inflammation in your breasts over time. You can also see your estrogen level in the breasts, and determine inflammatory breast cancer. On a mammogram, you can not see inflammatory breast cancer. Each test is providing different information. Two tests are better than one. Thermography is a great screening tool to get in adjunct to an anatomical test.

What you get:

  • Breast Thermography Scan with images taken through a medical infrared camera.
  • No Radiation, Pain, or Compression
  • Receive a full report with images, and written report from Certified Thermologist Dr. Kane.
  • Includes 15 minute phone review to go over report, and recomendations with certified thermographer Ashley Ageloff.

Upgrade: 50 more dollars and receive a 30 minute nutritional consultation with your phone review.

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