Importance of follow up screening

Many patients come for a thermography and do not follow through with their follow up screening. I believe it is mostly due to lack of education. I explain to people how important it is to follow through on your thermogram results even if your anatomical test came back perfect. Below I am explaining it in the shortest version I know how.

If we have a thermogram showing risk and all other tests are normal, we have a risk marker for the future. You should return to monitor for 3 reasons:

1) Thermal findings getting worse over time after normal anatomical tests could signal a need for more frequent anatomical testing. The mammo/us/mri were normal but for the past 6 months the thermography is getting worse. The doctor may wish to repeat anatomical tests early given the thermography results.

2) Someone with a high risk thermography could benefit from combination anatomical imaging rather than just mammogram or just ultrasound.

3) If you choose to take action to lower the risk, the thermograpahy can help you know if your actions are effective.

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