How to ATTRACT what YOU want!

Years ago my dad told me to read this book called “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napolean Hill. Much of what he discusses is what we now know as The Law of Attraction. This means that what we think and focus on becomes our reality. I have been studying this work for years, and I still tend to have shortcomings, falling back into old patterns. When things do not go right, it is easy to complain or to blame someone else. However, when we do this we are not creating the reality we really want. We think this is going to make us feel better. Yet, in the end it makes us feel worse, and we are only creating more drama, more unhappiness, more negativity, and more of what we do not want in our life.
The question we must ask ourselves is “How do I attract more of what I want into my life, and less of what I do not want? In my opinion it is by constantly noticing and being aware of our thoughts, and our beliefs. Then shifting them to what we truly want. Abraham Hicks states that we must focus on what brings us joy, and constantly do that so that we can be in our highest vibration. When we think about thoughts that ignite fire in us, then our vibration raises, and it is easier to attract this into our existence.
Each day I start my day with journaling, gratitude, and meditation. This helps get me in a good mindset for the upcoming day. During meditation, I notice what thoughts are arising, and I ask myself if these thoughts are serving me. If not, I picture them in a bubble floating away. I do my best to do this when I am going through my day as well. Now when I complain, I catch myself, and I notice how this thought is not serving me. This is not an easy task, especially when we have been doing this pattern for so long. When we continue to work on it, we start to shift our  mind in a new direction. We start to think about what we want, and what we have that is good in our life, and we focus on this. We do not focus on the lack of, or on low forming thoughts like gossip, blame, jealousy, comparison and so forth.
 We can get ourselves into a higher vibration by just thinking about what lights us up. Then we start taking action on doing more of these things, It is a ripple effect. Manifestation is powerful. We all have the ability and power to manifest what we want in our lives.
How to start manifesting:
  1. Write down all the things that bring you pure joy in your life. Think about each one, visualizing doing this each day.
  2. Take action by doing one thing a day that brings you joy.
  3. Think about what you have that you are grateful for. Gratitude is powerful.
  4. Start to become aware of the thoughts you are thinking, and ask yourself if they are serving you.
If this seems overwhelming, start with the easiest task for you. The more you read about this work, and begin to do the exercises the easier it will become. Lets celebrate creating the life we have always wanted, and manifest it into existence!

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