How Busy Moms can Find Balance

I recently became a coach for an amazing company called IHelpMoms. Michelle, the owner is on a mission to help as many moms as she can get the support they need. When I coach clients, the topic of balance comes up alot. When I was asked to answer this question, I thought it would be a perfect blog post since so many of us are juggling so much at one time.

When you have multiple kids, a tight budget and limited time as a working mom….how do you balance your kids lessons, sports and activities?

Being overwhelmed can put our nervous system and our vagus nerve into shock. We can become scattered, anxious, and emotional when we are trying to get too much done on our own. The first step to balance is working on getting back to a place of calm. When we focus on one moment at a time, we can tend to stay in the present moment, and not get ahead of ourselves. There are many ways to balance the nervous system. When you are a busy mom you may not have the time to do all of the exercises but you can choose one that takes only five minutes to help prepare for the rest of the day. Set your alarm five minutes earlier and do 5 minutes of fire breath, or another form of deep breathing. This can help reprogram your nervous system. There are other tools we can go over too for moms who have a bit more time or want something different.

The next thing I would recommend is asking for support. As moms we can NOT do it all on our own. Maybe you can find a moms helper, or ask a friend if they can pick up your kids from sports. You can work out a car pool to help make activities easier. Regarding budget and time around food, I feel meal prep is the biggest life saver. You can carve it out once or twice a week, and get your kids involved in helping. When kids are helping, they also get excited about eating healthier foods. When I meal prep, I make a soup, roasted veggies, lentils and rice, and some protein such as chicken or beef and put it in the fridge to have for a few days. To recap it is important as a busy mom to breathe, prep, and ask for support. If you can make the time for a few minutes in the morning, throughout the day or in the evening to do some self care that is only for you this would really help balance as well. Some squats, jumping jacks or a brisk walk can change your entire energy for the day. Do your best to take care of yourself so you can take care of your loved ones. You may want to write a list down of things you love doing, and things that bring you joy- and start implementing small things to each day. Small changes make a big difference. If you need any extra support, I am here to guide you on your journey.

Ashley Ageloff- Nutritional Coach and Thermographer

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