You will acclimate for 10 minutes and the imaging takes about 10-15 minutes. Plan on being there for 30 minutes.

Thermography is 97 percent accurate and has been researched for over 30 years with over 4,000 published research studies.

Ashley Ageloff, our senior thermographic technician for the south florida region will take several pictures of your body from different angles with a thermography camera that can photograph the heat map of your body. Doctors interpret the pictures for precursers to various illnesses. Thermal cameras can detect heat on the skin surface that may show underlying pathologies. The report will come back to you in five to seven days. Ashley Ageloff will go over your results with you and help make recommendations based on your specific thermography scan. Dr. Kane who has 30 years experience interprets the report, rather than doctors.

When looking for a thermography company you want to make sure you always ask for a sample report, get information on the camera and the interpreting doctor. We use the most up to date ICI camera that has 786,300 pixels per image. Our interpreting doctor has been interpreting thermal images since 1990. This is his full time practice and he reads for doctors and technicians all over the world. Dr. Kane acquired his training through the International Thermographic Society and achieved Diplomate level certification through the American Board of Clinical Thermography (ABCT). Dr. Kane furthered his knowledge of breast applications under the tutelage of Dr. William Hobbins, one the world’s leading authorities. Dr. Kane currently serves on the board of IACT and ABCT and provides high quality training for thermography technicians. He currently maintains a busy thermal imaging interpretation practice. We pride ourselves in using an interpreting doctor who has so much experience and knowledge.

At age twenty this should be considered an annual screening because breast cancer rates for younger women are growing. Over 40,000 women per year are diagnosed with breast cancer that are under the age of forty. Since women can not get a mammogram until the age of forty, thermography is a screening tool that you can get starting at a younger age. Once a baseline is established you can monitor any significant changes over time. This can lead to a life of health and prevention. There may not be a cure for cancer, so early detection is the best cure.

Thermography reads the surface temperature of the skin. Thermogrpahy is not a diagnostic test; it is a screening test. With thermography you can monitor yourself by seeing changes in real time on your scan. You are seeing the inflammation which is a precursor to cancer and other diseases. This risk assessment test can save your life, and better yet improve your life.

Breast Health


Blocked Carotid Artery

Oral Inflammation

Lymphatic Congestion

Nervous System Disorders

Abdominal Stressors

Vascular System Analysis

Muscular Disorders

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Thermography is not diagnostic but gives early indications of heat pathologies in the body. Since you are normally finding things early on a thermogram you can then treat yourself naturally by focusing on improving your nutrition patterns and lifestyle. At the least, the condition can be closely monitored safely until conventional interventions need to be applied. It is important to recognize that early detection is the key to a good outcome. We will make recommendations or referrals as necessary. Thermography is an empowering tool because it encourages you to be proactive with your health and follow up the necessary doctors.

Thermography shows areas of inflammation in the body. Thermographic imaging is greater than 99% accurate for this purpose. Therefore we can say there are no false positives with thermal imaging. Heat can be present due to many factors. Inflammation is occuring for a reason in the body and it can be due to a pathological process or injury.

  • Non invasive,
  • Radiation Free
  • Affordable
  • FDA Cleared medical equipment
  • Painless- NO compression ( simply getting your picture taken)
  • No prescription required
  • Quick screening procedure- Only 30 minutes
  • Over 800 peer reviewed journal articles