Importance of follow up screening

Many patients come for a thermography and do not follow through with their follow up screening. I believe it is mostly due to lack of education. I explain to people how important it is to follow through on your thermogram results even if your anatomical test came back perfect. Below I am explaining ...


Misconceptions about Thermography

This article is a long one. If you are like me you will not want to sit here and read all of this. You would probably be wondering why I just didn’t do a video on it. Its because this is REALLY GREAT SOLID information. I suggest you reading it so you can educate yourself. In the future, I will make ...


One way to have HEALTHY TATAS

  One of the best ways to prevent breast cancer is to get a thermography scan and monitor yourself frequently. This is an early detection screening tool! There are many steps we can do to improve our breast health and make sure we always have healthy tatas. Today I am going to focus on GUT heal...